Maximize Donations and Your Impact

Modern day Non-Profits and charities have come to the conclusion that if they are not currently accepting credit cards online they are losing potential support and donations. They are correct. According to a recent poll conducted by Forrester Research Inc, Americans spent $252 billion online using electronic checks and credit cards in 2013, and are expected to spend $327 billion in 2016. With consumers now able to make donations and contributions to their favorite charities and churches not only from their computers, but from smart phones and tablets, it is clear that online card purchases are the future.

The fact of the matter is that online markets are more cost effective than physical locations. They require fewer employees, and are more convenient to the donor, forcing donations upward and costs down. However in addition to convenience and simplicity there are some best practices that can be adhered to that will help maximize support, and in turn your impact.

  •   Make your Donation Page Readily ApparentDonate Button

-The likelihood of someone making an online donation can be tied directly to the ease of use and their ability to figure out how to do so. The best Practice is to have your “Donate Now” link be locatable in 2-3 seconds. Using a brightly colored button that grabs attention will alleviate frustration in attempting to locate it.

  • Use a Branded Giving Page

-Nonprofits received 6x more donation dollars and accounted for 59% of all donations by using a branded giving page in 2012. Enough said.

Branded Giving

  •   Allow for a Quick and Simple Donation Process

-If a donation process is difficult or overly time consuming donors will drop out of the donation process. The goal is to make the process convenient, not irritating. Only require minimum information required to process the transaction.

  •   Allow Recurring Donations

-Even the most meticulous donors occasionally forget to “write the check.” Offering an option for a donor to have regular scheduled donations automatically debited via their credit card or bank account adds convenience and removes the potential for accidentally omitted donations.

  • Add a “Thank You”

-There are multiple ways to show your supporters that your gratitude, but a few ideas to get you started are; a thank you video directly related to the donation i.e. If the donation is going to support a youth camp, have a group of kids saying “Thank You,” Another option is have a letter that can be viewed or printed out stating your appreciation for the donor’s support. These simple gestures add another level of connection to the donation and cause you donor to feel directly responsible for the positive impact.

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