Online Giving is Growing: Benchmark Study and Infographic

It should come as no surprise that online giving is growing and nonprofits are turning to the web and social media to connect with donors and fundraising.  M+R and NTEN released their annual study on nonprofits online activity, and it’s worth reading for anyone in the nonprofit fundraising space.

14% is the magic number with a 14% increase in email growth lists, a 14% increase in online review and a 14% increase in number of gifts.

The biggest growth is in Facebook and Twitter use at a 37% and 46% increases respectively.

Check out the full study here.

The study did not incorporate any faith-based organizations in it’s research, so here’s a quick comparison between the benchmark study and our own church & ministry statistics.


The lesson to any kind of  nonprofits is that donors are responding to fundraising efforts through email campaigns, website visits and social media. Start talking to your donors online today and make sure your donation page is ready to go.


M+R’s Benchmark Study infographic can be found here.