Spotlight: Big Table – The Power of Presence (Video)

As a nonprofit you need a powerful way to cut through the noise in order to deliver a message that is focused and compelling; a message that cuts to the heart of who you are, your calling, and your mission.

Big Table gets everything right in their video below which was used at their annual fundraising dinner.  Big Table’s mission is to see the lives of those working in the restaurant and hospitality industry transformed by building relationships around shared meals and caring for those who are in crisis, transition, or falling through the cracks. This community and care is open to all in the industry without condition.

I’ve watched this video several times over the past month and it “gets me in the feels” each time.  No matter your connection with Big Table you can’t help but feel the impact they are having within this community.


Powerful Presentation:

Story Matters
There are the obvious elements that make this video exceptional: beautiful camera work, editing, and music selection.   This video is compelling because of its beautiful structure and the way Big Table wove their message – creating story – one that pulls the viewer into the heart of their world.

History of the Organization
I particularly like how the origins of the organization are shared. Kevin Finch, Big Table’s Executive Director, saw the need, saw that it was unnoticed and incredibly underserved.  I think most nonprofits have a story that starts out with a calling and then a leap of faith.  It’s these small details which connect with your current and potential donors in big ways.

Their Story: It’s Personal
The intimate testimonials speak to the impact of Big Table’s work.  I love how the service received was meaningful to those they cared for, but more than the need being met, the relationship/friendship that began as a result was valued above all.  What a powerful message!

“Just to think someone would do that for me.” – Chris


“It was just so amazing to take my son to an event like that.  Sorry… it still brings tears to me, when I think about it.  That was the very first time I realized the kindness of Big Table.” – Max


“To have somebody that doesn’t know you, tell you how loved you are, and that God loves you and that you deserve to be happy and have good things happen to you… gave me hope, gave me love and it’s when I needed it the most.” – Alicia


“Just really thankful.  A lot of times it does seem hopeless, you know?  It’s just good to know that we’re going to make it.” – Jessica


You Make This Happen
This video is a huge “thank you” to their donors.  They can see and feel the impact they are making through the support of their time and money.   Since day-one, Big Table has been all about movement towards relationship with those in need.  More than anything else Big Table cares about the person and want to ensure those they serve know how much their story matters.   It’s through deep, sincere connection that doors are opened for lives to be changed.

You’re Invited to Come Along
The closing of the video shows the enormity of the need – out of 1.5 million nonprofits, Big Table is the only one directly serving this industry – the largest industry in the country.  It begs the question, “How can you be apart of what they’re doing?”  This video is a huge invitation to become a supporter. It’s incredibly compelling and connects the viewer with their organization’s mission and needs.

We hope what Big Table has created here is a big inspiration to you and your organization.  For more information on Big Table visit their website at