Referral Partners

Referral Partners are service providers—ranging from web design and software development to finance and marketing—who seek to empower churches and ministries. MinistryLINQ forms strong relationships with these providers to further benefit churches and ministries by helping them accept electronic payments with ease. Together with MinistryLINQ, Referral Partners are able to build customer loyalty and improve profitability by offering merchant services to your clients including:

  • Credit/Debit Card and eCheck Transactions
  • Merchant Accounts
  • POS and Wireless Terminals
  • Payment Gateways
  • PCI Compliant Software Solutions

MinistryLINQ is committed to developing partnerships that work—for you. Here are some of the many benefits you can expect as a partner:

Code—Our advanced technology creates a custom partner experience for you: we have our own gateway and ISP, and our in-house development team builds secure solutions to integrate seamlessly with your software. We can also host data using advanced vaulting and tokenization processes to minimize your PCI requirements.

Cutting-Edge—As a total solutions provider, we work hard to offer innovative solutions that maximize efficiency for you and your customers. SmoothPay, our revolutionary payment processing method, boasts one application for multiple business locations, one flat pricing percentage, net deposits of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and eCheck, and easy-to-read activity statements.

Customer Support—We stand behind all of the products and services we offer. We have a dedicated Customer Engagement Team on call 24/7 to answer questions or address concerns, and all partner inquiries are directed to a single contact. We offer custom levels of support depending on the partner program you select and how involved you want to be. We are happy to provide customer service to you and your customers, or, if you want total control, we can train you to support your own clients, too. It’s completely up to you.

Culture—We care about the success of you and your customers because we share the desire to better the world. This means we cherish each business relationship and always strive to do the right thing in the right way. Partnerships built on aligned values and shared passion just make sense.

Become a Partner


We understand that a partnership is an important decision. Here at MinistryLINQ, we are experts in our field, but we are more than just excellent payment processing solutions, we are a passionate group of people who care about you and your organization.

Technology, security, and values are just a few reasons so many have already selected us as their Partner in Electronic Payments. Learn how you can do more for your customers with our flexible Partner Programs. Both programs offer free merchant account set up, competitive processing rates for credit, debit and eCheck, and comprehensive merchant services for all of your customers needs.

Partner Select Program

The Partner Select Program allows you simply to refer your customers to us. We do all the work and you reap the rewards; MinistryLINQ will take control of the underwriting, processing, and customer support.

  • Simple referral process
  • PCI Compliant Processing Solutions, including Qsuite products and SmoothPay
  • Data hosting and storage
  • Branded or co-branded online billing statements
  • Marketing support to help create branded or co-branded promotional materials
  • Dedicated customer service—our Channel Manager will serve as your single point of contact and each customer will be assisted by our dedicated Customer Engagement Team
  • Revenue share of processing fees

Direct Connect Program

The Direct Connect Program is designed to give you flexibility and control by plugging our payment processing solutions directly into your software applications. Our in-house development team will work with you to ensure a seamless and secure integration, and our Customer Engagement Team will help put together a custom merchant support plan that gives you as much (or as little) involvement as you want.

  • Minimized PCI requirements
  • Streamlined software integration
  • Data hosting and storage
  • Customized billing statements
  • Marketing support to help create branded or co-branded promotional materials
  • Customized levels of support: you can choose to support your customers directly, have us do it for you, or create the perfect mix of both so you and your customers are always taken care of.
  • Revenue share of processing fees

Contact us at 800.811.7826 or to get started today.

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Existing Partners


MinistryLINQ is continually inspired by the work our referral partners do, and the Evangelical Christian Credit Union is no exception. When the credit union began more than 40 years ago, it was a consumer-focused organization. As time went on, however, ECCU shifted its focus to offering specialized financial services to churches, Christian schools, and evangelical ministries.

The relationship between ECCU and MinistryLINQ began in 2004 when the credit union was looking for assistance with merchant services. While the organization originally did their own payment processing, they discovered that utilizing the services of MinistryLINQ allowed them to retain an income stream without the associated costs and manpower of in-house processing. Shortly after beginning our partnership, the first version of DonateQ was introduced, and ECCU immediately saw the value it would have for their clients.

“We like having the ability to refer them to someone we have a relationship with,” explains Mary Daciolas, Manager of Product Management. “We’re very like-minded in our focus on evangelical ministries.” Daciolas continues to say that she sees other ways in which our two organizations will be able to make even more of our relationship in the future and stresses that no matter the situation, MinistryLINQ has always offered great support and been ready to respond to ECCU’s needs.

We’re so glad that ECCU has found such value in our products and service, and we thank them for their ongoing faith and commitment to building the Kingdom.

ECCU - Evangelical Christian Credit Union


It is amazing to see the diversity of ways in which MinistryLINQ clients support Christian ideals through the work they do. We are honored to work with CAMPWISE by Rec Soft, a small software company that provides online registration and management tools that so many church camps and conference centers rely on to bring people together for His glory.

Our relationship with CAMPWISE began six years ago when we were privileged to meet them at a conference. CAMPWISE was in search of a reliable merchant services provider, and a match was made. CAMPWISE President Derek Wyse feels that the relationship has been a positive addition to his business. “We’ve obviously benefited from the residual part of the referral partnership,” he says, but that is not the only aspect of working with MinistryLINQ that has proven valuable. “We appreciate the Christian values of the company,” he explains.

MinistryLINQ also provides CAMPWISE with a gateway provider, and everyone has been pleased by how seamlessly our solutions mesh with their existing products. Wyse is most impressed with the fact that each referral partner has their own Relationship Manager. “Having someone there that is an advocate for us has created some real benefits.” In his experience, MinistryLINQ has been quick to respond to customer needs and is more than willing to handle any kinds of concerns that may arise.

We’re so pleased to continue nurturing this partnership with CAMPWISE. The work they do to bring both children and adults together in fellowship is inspiring, and we are gratified to be playing a small part in what they do.

Contact us at 800.811.7826 or to get started today.

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