Does Your Current Solution Cover all 5 Ps of Giving?

At MinistryLINQ, we believe that there are 5 crucial elements to a successful Online Giving program: Pledges, Processing, Progress, Personalization and Partnership.


How effective is your current giving solution at tracking pledges? Your donors should be able to easily submit their pledges online and view their progress in reaching their goals.


Are your paying unnecessary fees with your current system? Set-up fees and high processing costs use funds that your ministry could be using to reach more people.


Can you easily tell where your ministry is at in achieving its budget goals? Being able to access the information you need easily and quickly saves you and your ministry valuable time.


Do you have the ability to customize reports and giving forms? A good solution should give you the power to customize your giving & reporting experiences.


Is your current solution providing you with the support your need to expand your ministry? A knowledgeable Customer Support team and resources to launch your giving campaign are important components to help your ministry reach its full potential.

Take the First Step to Better Giving

If your current giving solution isn’t meeting your expectations, we’d love the opportunity to walk you through the 5 Ps of giving to see how MinistryLINQ can expand your giving base and increase your donations. Contact us today!