Every detail of MinistryLINQ has been carefully developed to simplify the management of online giving, while simultaneously providing your donor with an intuitive and thoughtful experience.

Complete Donation Management

MinistryLINQ’s easy-to-navigate control panel enables you to track every donation, by donor or fundraising campaign. It also provides in-depth insights into giving patterns, so you can create better budget forecasts.

Meet Goals with Pledge Tracking

Get donors excited about giving with our Pledge Management Tool. MinistryLINQ allows donors to easily pledge their gift online and keeps track of their progress!

Timely, Automatic Deposits

Donations made through MinistryLINQ are automatically deposited into your bank account within 2-3 business days.

Integrate with your financial management software

Easily transfer data with our pre-built data imports and exports for Shelby, ACS, PowerChurch, Servant Keeper, IconCMO, HelpMate, and Church Office Online. If yours isn’t listed, we’ll add it for you.

How Does MinistryLINQ Compare?

Want to know how MinistryLINQ compares to your current giving method? Let us provide you with a free 5-point evaluation, so you can see for yourself how our comprehensive online giving solution stacks up!

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Create Custom Giving & Event Forms

A ministry’s needs are constantly changing, so being able to quickly create a donation or registration form can be essential to support your mission. MinistryLINQ helps organize your forms process by enabling you to create unlimited custom forms for building funds, events, volunteer opportunities, mission trips, and more that can be embedded directly on your ministry’s website.

Recurring Donations

Recurring donations are a great way to provide a steady stream of donations during the slower months. Donors will love this feature since they can easily set the amount and frequency of their gifts and even have the choice to contribute to multiple funds.

Unlimited Users

We want to help your ministry grow, so we don’t put user limits on your account or increase the price! Your account is always secure with individual administration accounts. With MinistryLINQ, expanding your mission will never cost you anything extra.

Unlimited Funds

With MinistryLINQ, you can create as many funds or campaigns as you need. You can also easily customize your giving solutions so donors can designate their gift to any of the funds you set up.

Multi-Site Support

Easily manage multiple locations by creating custom giving pages for each individual site with site-specific funds and track site-specific donation information.

Security Features

MinistryLINQ cares about your ministry’s and your donors’ security. We go above and beyond to protect all personal and payment information. Our solutions are PCI compliant and meet the strictest PCI/DSS security standards, such as SSL certificates, encryption, intrusion detection, and transaction security.