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Refresh Your Year End Giving Strategy

All organizations that rely on donors to operate look forward to the increased generosity towards the end of the fiscal year.
That means the competition for donor attention is more intense. Donor’s mailboxes fill up with emotionally manipulative pleas and guilt is sometimes used from the pulpit. So how can churches and nonprofits make sure they stand out and are heard without falling into complacent traps?
Here are a couple of tips to reach your donors’ in a refreshing way for year-end giving.

Social Media Buttons-Helpful or Hurting Nonprofits

Social Media Buttons-Why Nonprofits Should Take a Second Look This is another case of “Best Practice” advice gone bad.  I know why it happens, nonprofits and ministries feel the tug to keep pace with the fast tech changes and social media is often at the top of that list.  So when someone touted the advice to […]

Apple Pay – Good For Nonprofits?

Apple Pay creates the ability to make a secure payment from a smartphone on a website with a single click. We know that the less steps a donor is required to make a gift, the better an organizations chances are for your donor to complete their gift transaction. Apple Pay auto-fills all the information that is stored associated with the card your donor is paying with.

EMV Chip Cards: 7 Things You Should Know

Fraud liability for payment processing organizations will be switching for EMV chip card technology October of this year. Should your organization be doing anything to prepare? We have seven “things” you should know about the EMV Chip Card change that will help you determine if you need to make any changes.

Church Newsletters That Get Read

You can invest hours and dollars into producing a newsletter to reach your donors, but ghastly statistics say that many of them are not being read by donors. Newsletters for churches and nonprofits can be a powerful communication tool that reaches your donors during critical seasons. Use this checklist of key tips to make sure you are creating a newsworthy newsletter:

PayPal- Not Donor Friendly

PayPal has been around for some time, and it provides a very convenient way for digital funds to be transferred between individuals, business and organizations.  PayPal even promotes online donations for churches and non-profits advertising their free “donate-now” button that can easily be placed on your website.   However, many of PayPal’s features actually work against […]

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