Giving Is Easy-Online Donations Work

Online Giving is Easy

With so many advances in church technology it still baffles us that the issue of tithing or donating online is still a hurdle.  When we talk to pastors about their church needs we frequently get feedback that their church might resist having access to online options for their charitable giving.  However when we dig deeper we often find that their is a multitude of preconceived notions about how their members actually feel.  The biggest reluctance we hear is that their donors, or members are older and prefer checks or cash.  The next question we ask is ‘When is the last time you asked them’?  Most are working off of outdated conversations.  No matter the age or demographic of your congregation statistics show that they are already using online payment options, and for many it is the most convenient way to manage their finances.  The old practice of writing a monthly check and mailing it in is almost obsolete. With 74% of donors reporting that use checks less than 10 times a year.  The best way to make giving simple and easy is by offering your members an online giving option.

inforgraphic on givers by age

Steps to Make Online Giving Easy

What makes online donations and tithes so effective is the convenience it offers your supporters and your staff. However if you overlook making the process easy to navigate and find, you will not see the benefit.  The easier and clearer you make the donation process, the higher yield in donations and tithes you will receive.  Here are some ways to keep your online donation process convenient for your donors.

  • Provide Value: Your home page is like a welcome mat to visitors. This is where you introduce yourself and your ministry.  Make it clear what your vision and programs are immediately.  Use your homepage to engage visitors from the start, and have a call to donate on the home page.
  • Make the Button Easy to Find: Your donation button should stand out from other links on your home page.  The top right of EVERY page should have a donate button.  Highlight it with a different color or font so that it stands out.  Donors will come to your page specifically to donate or tithe, make sure they can quickly find the button and do not have to search for a “donate page” specifically to process their gift.
  • In response to your Mission: Another great location is next to important information.  When you are sharing an inspiring part of your mission or cause, make it easy for donors to respond to  the call they feel. With the button clearly displayed while this information is still fresh in their minds, they are more likely to act right away. If they have to scroll down or search the site for a link to the donation page, they won’t bother.
  • Make Donating Simple: Getting potential donors to click on the donation button is only half the battle. Where they go and how they pay once they reach the donation page can make a huge difference.  This is one of the biggest struggles both churches and nonprofits face.  Don’t over complicate this area by lots of choices or designations that could confuse them.  Online giving software simplifies this process. Donors are smoothly guided through the making a donation.  This matters, just like a face to face donation, if a donor finds it easy and clear to process their gift, you gain their trust.  This will result in donors being willing to come back in the future or commit to a monthly donation plan.

More Gifts Happen with Online Giving

Technology simplifies the online giving process for donors, helping you raise more money. With online giving software, the entire process of collecting donations is more effective and much more efficient.