Boost Your Presence: Nonprofit Blogging 101

For some of you this is old-hat, you know the drill.  But for many of you, the idea of creating a blog for your nonprofit organization might be a new endeavor.  Blogging keeps your site fresh with content that engages your visitors and allows them to connect to your story in deeper ways.

Here are some blogging essentials to help keep you going:


Be Conversational & Engaging

Let your voice shine through!  There is a bit of a balance when finding the right voice as you blog, but you will find your stride in no time at all.  Keep your writing style personal, engaging, and professional.  Avoid using jargon or industry-speak and let your heart come through.  Your voice is an extension of your organization’s story/brand so write in such a way that your readers feel you are speaking to them.

Kathryn Pauley, with has a great article on sounding human without feeling as though your article is about to be graded by your college English professor.


Be Clear & Succinct

As you proof your work, always look for ways to consolidate your message wherever possible. I’ll tip my hand a bit and say this is one point I’m always working on.  People may be interested in what you have to say; however, the attention span of many a reader is short.  Be sure your topic/lead is up front – don’t make your reader have to dig through your content to figure out the heart of your post.


Your Content Is All Around You

Take advantage of the stories that surround you!  Interview your colleagues and how their department/team contributes to the mission of your organization.  Interview those you serve – how has your organization impacted their lives? Personal testimonials are powerful and connect with your readers in a deep and personal ways.  Honor their stories by highlighting who they are and what they do.


Call to Action!

Be sure to have a call to action available at the end of your posts; link to your donation page or the ability to sign-up for your newsletter.  You never know when the moment will strike!   Make it easy for your reader to engage with your organization in a deeper way.


Bee Shure Two Proof Reed You’re Werk!

All kidding aside, make sure your articles have been read by one other person before they go live.  This is a nonnegotiable for even the most ardent of writers.  It not only helps to catch any typos you may have missed, but it provides a great feedback loop for further suggestions to strengthen your post and/or receive affirmation on a job well done!


Are you already blogging for your nonprofit?  If so, share your personal pro-tip for blogging success below.  Are you just getting started or considering a blog for your site?  Let us know if you have any other questions or how we can help you get started.