Donor Profiles & Stored Accounts

Here is common question we receive in CashLINQ Support:

“I have a donor who asked if we can remember their account information so they don’t have to enter it each and every time.  They already used their debit card for their last one-time donation, can you just use that again or do they really need to re-enter all their information every time?”

The answer is: No, they do not need to re-enter their information each and every time they make a donation.  With DonateQ’s Donor Profiles, donors enter their billing and payment information once and never have to re-key that information again.

Profile Benefits:

Offering Profiles is one of the most powerful tools you can make available to your donors enabling them to:

  • View past online transactions
  • Make changes or cancel their recurring donations
  • Billing Information auto populates – no need to re-enter
  • Choose the payment method from stored accounts – no need to re-enter

How do Profiles work?

When you enable the “Login Portal” on your Giving Page(s), donors have the ability to login to their Profile or create a Profile.  You can enable this option in the Giving Page Design Tool (Edit your Giving Page, enable under Page Content):


When a donor creates a Profile, they provide their billing information (i.e., name, address, phone, and email) so the next they make a donation and login to donate, their Profile will auto-fill the Giving Page with their information.  No need to re-enter!


Donors can take their Profile a step further and store their frequently used payment method.  This could be a debit card or eCheck.  When donors login to their Profile to give, they will be able to choose “Stored Account” to view a list of any payment methods they have tied to their Profile to complete their payment.


Getting Started

If you are not currently offering Profiles it’s never too late to start.  Enable Profiles on your Giving Page and make the option available to your donors.  As you see donors begin to use this function, you can review their Profile and associate any past donations to their Profile so they can view their prior transactions within their Profile.

DonateQ makes this very easy.  Within each Profile, under “Donations,” you will see the option to “Find Unassigned Donations.”  When you choose this option, you will be able to search for any donations matching your donor’s name and associate those transactions to their Profile.

Once you make Profiles available on your Giving Page, be sure to promote it.  Let your donors know the benefits of using a donor Profile and make online giving even easier for them.

In a future post we’ll address ways to promote and communicate about your online giving program.



The DonateQ software makes it easy for you to accept donations online. DonateQ offers multiple giving pages, the ability to set recurring donations, store donor accounts and more.  For more information on DonateQ, please visit our web site here.