Infographic: Fundraising Failures Cost Nonprofits Billions

Dunham and Company looked at 151 charitable organizations and found some alarming areas where they were falling short, stating there was “…massive room for improvement.”

Here are some highlights from the report.  Take a moment to review and make sure your organization is not guilty of any of these mistakes:

  • 79% did not personalize email appeals asking for financial support with the donor’s first or last name
  • 84% of donation pages were not mobile optimized
  • 14% did not create a sense of urgency in their donation asks, encouraging supports to give
  • 65% have their giving page 3 or more clicks away



Infographic courtesy of Dunham and Company.

The good news is many of these pit-falls are easy to fix.  Work with your webmaster to make sure your [Donate] button is one-click away no matter where you are on your site.  Review your communication standards and see what it would take to personalize your communications with the donor’s first or last name.  While these require a bit of time upfront, the effort is well spent to maximize the potential return.