Hello: I’m a Millennial


When you read that word, what comes to mind?  Phrases like “entitled” or “Generation: Selfie?”  A generation with social consciousness and a passion for human rights?  Always with their phone and/or a screen in front of their face?  Driven to make a difference with their work?  No matter how you see millennials they are significant in more ways than one.  Where they are the same as every other generation: they are often misunderstood by the generations before them.

If millennials are an enigma to you or to your organization let me encourage you that they are worth pursuing.  It’s in your best interest to speak directly to this generation because they are powerful and driven when it comes to the causes and organizations which they choose to align themselves with.  Millennials are raving fans of those organizations and brands they identify with.  This means they will share who you are with their circle of influence and also evangelize your cause to reinforce your relevance.

Below are some stat-packed info-graphics on millennials which cover core demographics, technology/social media use, and giving patterns.  Take a look and see what jumps out at you.  Do these facts match up to your perceptions?

Who Are Millennials? 

  • Millennials were born between 1979 – 2000
  • Millennials outnumbers Baby Boomers (born between 1946-1964) by 11 million and currently make up 28.7% of the U.S. population
  • This puts the common age in America right now at 22 years old
  • By 2020, 1 in 3 adults will be a millennial

Source: Amid the Stereotypes, Some Facts About Millennials

Who Are Millennials







Technology/Social Media

  • Remember that Millennials have only known a life with the internet
  • Their smartphone is an extension of themselves and is rarely out of their sight
  • Text messaging is ubiquitous, and conversations can happen anywhere at any time


Social media use is a must!  If you organization is not leveraging Facebook or Twitter to connect with your donors you are missing out on a huge opportunity to add new donors as well as maintain connection with your current donor base.  Check out our other article which highlights the importance of Social Media.


Giving: Passionate & Committed

  •  Millennials embrace cause and shy away from institutions
  • They are just as likely to give as the generation before them



How are you connecting?

Is your organization looking for ways to connect with Millennials? Share with us what is working for you in the comments below.  Or if you are struggling to connect, let us know what questions you may have and how we can help.