Increase Giving at Your Church

How would you spend a budget surplus at your church?

Fund the Children’s Ministry? Provide some additional house for your part-time staff? Maybe a building expansion or an upgrade to the flooring in the foyer? If your church is anything like mine, it’s not hard to come up with possible needs.

Because of the unique way churches serve their communities anything that comes in over and above your budget is often placed on the “wait list.”  The challenge is finding ways to encourage giving and generosity to continue to meet those needs.

Church Tech Today put out some excellent advice on how to assess your current giving situation…

“Do your members give because it’s simply what is expected of them? Do they give out of guilt? Or do they give because they are truly generous and want to give whatever they can for the sake of the church? Those questions will get you started on the road to learning how to encourage your donors to give more.”

The article continues with next steps including the importance of teaching your members about giving as well as the convenient ways available to do just that.

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