Leverage the Use of Multiple Giving Pages

Did you know that prior to the 2.0 release of the Qsuite you were limited to a single Giving Page in your DonateQ account?  It’s true.  Qsuite 2.0 opened up a whole new world with the ability to create as many Giving Pages as you may need.  While many of you are already leveraging this functionality to create targeted and focused Giving Pages to better connect with your donors, some of you may be interested in learning more.

Why would I need/want multiple Giving Pages?
Let’s say your organization has the following Categories/Subcategories:


  • Building Expansion
  • General Fund
  • Where Needed Most


  • Guatemala
  • Puerto Rico
  • Mexico
  • Haiti


  • Brad Jones
  • Sylvia Alvarez
  • Parker Randall
  • Emily Davis

At a minimum you would have a single Giving Page which contained all of these Categories and Subcategories.

Let’s look at some other ways we could leverage these giving options into additional Giving Pages:

Giving Page by Category

You could have a section on your website that speaks specifically about your Team Members and the work they are doing.  Create a [Give Now] button on this page of your website that launches a “Team Members Giving Page.”   This creates a powerful connection with your donor when they read about the work you are doing, get inspired to give, and then find a targeted Giving Page that is specific to need they just connected with.

Giving Page by a Single Category or Subcategory

You could create a Giving Page that is specific to a single area of giving.  For example, create a Giving Page for each of your “Team  Members.”   This would allow Parker to send his unique Giving Page link to his potential donors as he works to meet his fundraising goals.  Maybe Parker has his own bio page on your website.  You can create a link for his page on your website that reads [Support Parker Today].  This link would launch Parker’s specific Giving Page creating a highly personalized connection with Parker’s donors.

Design Your Giving Page to Maximize Results

This Quick Reference Sheet will walk you through how to create a Giving Page, as well as style your Giving Page to best meet your needs.  If what you have read here has piqued your interest in how best to leverage multiple Giving Page for your organization, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Relationship Manager to talk further. We are always here to help and support you and your organization.  800.811.7826, option 1.


The DonateQ software makes it easy for you to accept donations online. DonateQ offers multiple giving pages, the ability to set recurring donations, store donor accounts and more.  For more information on DonateQ, please visit our web site here.