Online Giving: The Benefits of a Recurring Gift

Three Reasons You Should Offer Recurring Giving

As a nonprofit, you are fully aware of the importance of being able to do more with less.  In this instance, we are talking more giving, with less effort in obtaining the donation.  Having an online giving system like Qsuite is a great way to create a wonderful giving page experience, while having the product handle all of the transactions and freeing up more of your time.

An online giving platform provided by CashLINQ can help you meet your organization’s goals of online donation and fundraising needs.  The operating costs to have an online giving platform still exist; however, they are far exceeded by the potential for increased income for your organization.  Below are three key points that outline why recurring giving can greatly benefit you and your organization.

1. Recurring Giving, How Great It Is

Recurring gifts are convenient and easy to understand.  A donor makes a contribution and allows that same contribution to run for a set duration and frequency.  This is much easier for a donor who wishes to give regularly and also provides the organization a simple way to forecast future donations. Recurring gifts can be any dollar amount, can be set to run in increments ranging from weekly to yearly, and can increase the giving potential from the occasional few dollars, to possibly thousands online. With recurring online giving available and well communicated to donors, it may be assumed that there is huge potential for maximum donation revenue.

2. Recurring Giving, The Loyalty it Brings

Making online giving simple creates a positive experience for your donors and increases their loyalty to your organization by allowing them to accomplish something they are wanting to do – support your mission. Allowing donors to setup a recurring gift while giving them the ability to modify and edit their monthly giving puts the freedom and ease in their hands, with little need for input from your organization.

3. Recurring Giving Is Predictable Revenue

With monthly gifts, you are able to predict your monthly revenue in upcoming months by pulling reports to see what donations are scheduled to process. There is great comfort in being able to look into the upcoming weeks and have a good idea of what set donations will be running.  Then add the one time gifts and your income goes up even more than expected!  Recurring donations provide stable insight into future income with more security than mail-in gifts, or Sunday offerings.


The DonateQ software makes it easy for you to accept donations online. DonateQ offers multiple giving pages, the ability to set recurring donations, store donor accounts and more.  For more information on DonateQ, please visit our web site here.