QR Codes: A Quick Link to Your Giving Page

Ever wondered how to create your own QR Code so donors can quickly link to your online Giving Page? Look no further!

QR Codes have been around for some time. Places you’ve probably come across them are on product packaging, billboard ads in airports, print media such as magazines, or brochures of nonprofits you may support to name just a few.

Using a QR Reader app on your phone you simply point your phone’s camera the QR Code and are instantly taken to the website it links to. QR Codes save time as you don’t have to type the address into your phone.

Create Your Own QR Code in 4 Easy Steps!

Whether you are a church, ministry, or nonprofit, incorporating a QR Code which links to your Giving Page is easy. Here are 4 easy steps to get your own QR Code for use in your bulletin, brochure, or other collateral:

  1. Visit a QR Code generator website such as www.the-qrcode-generator.com. You can always Google search “QR Code Generator” to find one yourself, they are free and there are many to choose from.
  2. Select “URL” and enter your Giving Page’s website address. The QR Code is automatically created.
  3. “Save” your new QR Code to your computer.
  4. Insert your QR Code into any and all of your collateral.

Point – Click – Ready to Give!

You may try using your new Giving Page QR Code in your next mailing or Sunday bulletin. If you are already promoting online giving consider placing a QR Code next to these pieces to make giving that much easier.