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Are Rewards Cards Truly Rewarding?

How “Rewarding” are Rewards Programs? Rewards Credit Cards are not a new concept, but making charitable donations or tithing with them might be to some donors. Nearly everyone has heard of the potential tangible gains that are available to eligible consumers who regularly utilize these financial tools, but […]

360 Degrees of PCI

We can’t talk about the importance of security enough. Protecting card data is imperative, and when you meet the Payment Card Industry security requirements you build donor trust along with your reputation. MasterCard has put together some great resources that cover[…]

New Surcharge Regulations

In early 2013, Visa and MasterCard released new rules regarding credit card surcharging. As a result of a proposed settlement agreement to a long-standing class action suit against them, Visa and MasterCard are now allowing U.S. merchants to surcharge certain credit card transactions. A payment card surcharge […]