DonateQ: How can Donor Profiles Help?

Are you getting calls from donors about their transactions?  Empower them.

If you already use Profiles, you know how empowered your donors feel to be able to manage their own giving. It is possible you don’t allow for Profiles, or maybe you just aren’t using them to their full potential. Profiles will allow your donor to take control of their giving and reduce the amount of computer time you spend managing these transactions.

A donor is able to create a profile right from your giving page by clicking the “create profile” link in the top right corner of the page.  This will open the door to many features that are helpful and time saving. Here are a few key things a donor can do to manage their profile with ease:

Take control of their own information

Once a profile has been set-up, donors have access to updating their address, email address and telephone numbers.  This is helpful in setting up future gifts because once this information is entered, the donor will not need to re-enter this data again prior to giving. A donor will also be able to save account information on their profile on a secured network that allows them to make a donation without entering their card information. This ultimately reduces the time it takes to make a donation and makes giving easy for the donor.

Keeping track of donations

A donor with an existing profile has the ability to log in to the profile and see their giving history.  The donor is able to search for past transactions, as well as access the vaulted records of upcoming recurring donations. As a merchant, this is a great benefit for you!  A donor will be able to access the vaulted record, make changes to their account such as run date, duration, frequency and even change the account being used. This can be a huge time saver for your organization.

Donors control their notifications

A donor with a profile is able to receive notifications for various items related to their giving.  A donor can choose to receive emails when they set up a new transaction and receive the confirmation that the transaction was completed.  They are also able to receive notification if their recurring donation was successfully ran, or if it failed.  In addition to this, the donor is able to receive a notification that their recurring donation is approaching.


The DonateQ software makes it easy for you to accept donations online. DonateQ offers multiple giving pages, the ability to set recurring donations, store donor accounts and more.  For more information on DonateQ, please visit our web site here.