Web Round-Up: Your Fun, Yet Practical Read for Today 2

Welcome to Web Round-Up! Grab some coffee or your beverage of choice and click into the gems below. As always we strive to make these links a fun, yet practical interruption to your busy day.

How to Use Excel: 14 Simple Excel Shortcuts, Tips, and Tricks

Ever wondered how to get more out of Excel? This article from HubSpot highlights 14 great features in Excel which can help you avoid time consuming manual work. Check your skills and maybe learn some new ones, too! [Read More]


The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags

You’ve seen them. You use them? Great little info graphic from quicksprout.com on the use of hashtags and how this little # can categorize your content with some powerful added value. #checkitout #youknowyouwantto #themoreyouknow [Read More]


Tried-and-True Methods for Reaching Older Donors: A Quick Guide

Did you know, 3 out of 5 donors age 66 and older make donations via the web? Nonprofit Hub has a great piece that validates the older generations ability to be relevant, adaptable, and a far cry from technologically inept. This post has some great reminders and solid suggestions for how to be inclusive of this generation and even refine your approach to be more appealing. [Read More]

Stop Recording Church Video Announcements?

This post cracked me up. I’m sure if you knew the people in these videos it might make them better (or less painful to watch?). At any rate, are church video announcements a thing of the past? This post from www.churchm.ag was a fun distraction.

Let us know if you enjoyed this edition of Web Round-Up. Better yet, if you have some fun, yet practical links burning in your inbox, post them in the comments below. We can’t wait to check them out!